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Can Duct Cleaning Damage Your Ducts?


You want the best for your home. It would be beyond frustrating to pay for duct cleaning only to find that it damaged your ductwork.

Are there forms of duct cleaning that can damage your ducts? Yes, which is why we specifically choose the method that doesn’t do that. It’s called negative air duct cleaning.

When you schedule duct cleaning in West Palm Beach, FL from us, your ducts experience negative air duct cleaning. If you’re not sure what that is, now’s the perfect time to find out.

Brush Cleaning Can Damage Your Ducts

An older method of duct cleaning involves using heavy-duty brushes to pull stuck-on dust and debris away from the sidewalls of your ducts.

Unfortunately, this proves to be more harmful than anything else. If you’ve searched for duct cleaning damage stories (presumably, that’s how you found us here), you’ll find homeowners discuss worse airflow after getting their ducts cleaned.

There’s validity in those claims, which is why a lot of HVAC companies don’t even bother to offer duct cleaning. However, we know it’s too important a task to simply not offer.

Those horror stories involve brush cleaning which can puncture small holes in your ductwork or create tears, leading to leaky ducts and reduced airflow. It all leads to poor energy efficiency.

That’s why we use negative air to clean ducts. No matter what kind of ductwork you have, it won’t damage them like brush cleaning can.

Negative Air Duct Cleaning Doesn’t Damage Your Ducts

Let’s break down how it works so you can see the entire process from start to finish.

  • We close off all of your vents and apply a vacuum to an access point at the end of the ductwork. Negative air pressure is applied. It vacuums contaminants and dust out of your ductwork and into the vacuum.
  • Because your vents are sealed at this time, there won’t be any blowback of dust and debris into your home. On the vacuum’s end, it traps all dust, dirt, and debris that comes out.
  • Once it’s trapped, it can be disposed of properly without negatively impacting your air quality. It would be highly counterintuitive to clean all that dirt only to reintroduce it to the air immediately after.
  • One important note is that the vacuum has its own air filtration system. This cleans any exhausted air from the vacuum to the same degree as medical-grade air quality.

The entire process is designed to keep your home’s air quality a top priority. You won’t have to worry about introducing airborne contaminants.

On Your Way to Better Airflow

Negative air duct cleaning clears debris and dust from your ductwork so your system is optimized for maximum efficiency. Duct cleaning doesn’t damage your ducts when you hire the right people with the right equipment and experience. Negative air cleaning is the only way to go.

Contact Envirotech Air Quality Services today to schedule your next duct cleaning. Remember: we’re one of the few licensed mold assessors and mold remediators in south Florida.

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