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Maintain Your Walk-In Cooler to Avoid These Problems

For many businesses, particularly those in the food and beverage industries, the functionality of their walk-in cooler is essential to their success. From catering businesses to restaurants and grocery stores, business owners and managers rely heavily on the functionality of these appliances to stay in business.

Therefore, when you need repairs they need to be addressed right away. Some problems have relatively simple solutions that we can help you resolve quickly. Others are more complex, however, and can result in significant business interruption. There is not always a way to avoid these issues 100%, however one way to significantly reduce the risk of running into problems such as those we’ve outlined below is by having your walk-in cooler regularly maintained.

Compressor Issues

One of the most important components within your walk-in cooler is the compressor—if it isn’t running then you may have either an electrical overload, a defective coil, or a malfunction within the compressor. Our repair professionals can inspect your compressor, scan your electrical system, and repair the issue efficiently.

Ice Buildup

Walk-in coolers typically have defrost cycles that are developed to keep important component clear of ice and frost build-up that might interfere with the cooler’s ability to function. If ice has built up, however, you may need an adjustment to the defroster to make sure that it runs its cycles more often. The timer on the defroster should also be checked for damage that may be impeding its functionality.

High Discharge Temperature

If the air being discharged from your cooler is at a higher than normal temperature, you may have a dirty condenser. Other issues that can cause this include a problem with the fan motor, or the fan blade itself. Our qualified professionals can quickly correct both of these issues with ease.

For exceptional commercial refrigeration services throughout Wellington, FL and beyond, contact Envirotech Air Quality Services today.

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