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3 Common Problems with Walk-In Coolers

If your commercial facility requires large-capacity cold storage, then a walk-in cooler is the appliance for you. It is convenient, offer low operating costs, and gives you flexibility for your refrigeration needs. Additionally, walk-in coolers provide a large amount of cooling power, with technology to alert you of temperature fluctuations. As great as these systems are though, they are just like any other appliance in that they do need routine maintenance, and they can also run into problems. We’ve highlighted 3 of the most common problems with walk-in coolers below.

Frozen Evaporator

Evaporators have a defrost cycle to melt frost that builds up on the coils. Water from the melted ice is drained from the freezer. However, on occasion this doesn’t happen, and heat transfer is greatly reduced. This results in the compressor working harder and longer, which increases the wear and tear on your walk-in cooler.

Obstructed Condenser

In order to effectively remove heat, your system’s condenser should be placed in a well-ventilated area where the temperature is controlled, to allow heat to be removed easily. Dust and debris should also be cleaned from the condenser coils on a regular basis. Obstructions insulate the heat transfer surface, which reduces airflow. This, like a frozen evaporator, can cause damage to your compressor, or could even cause your compressor to fail completely.

Shell Leaks

Your walk-in cooler’s shell does not have any mechanical parts or equipment, but still needs to be regularly maintained. Cracks or leaks in the shell can cause excess moisture to accumulate, which has the potential to create even bigger problems. Additionally, walk-in cooler doors must be sealed property to eliminate air infiltration, which increases the cooling load and can cause moisture buildup.

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