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Why Rooftop Commercial Air Conditioning Units Make Sense

Commercial air conditioning units utilize the same principles as residential air conditioning units, but they must handle a much larger workload in order to accommodate the needs of a working office. Here in Wellington, commercial air conditioning systems are a common sight on the rooftops of malls, office buildings and stand-alone retail stores. You may wonder why commercial units are placed on the rooftop like that and what purpose they serve up there. In point of fact, rooftop commercial air conditioning units make a lot of sense. Here’s why.

Retail stores and other business spaces often place a premium on square footage. Indoor space that’s occupied by an air conditioner can be better used to store product, house an employee’s desk or fill up a parking space. When you’re cooling buildings the size of many businesses, the air conditioners can get quite large. Placing units on the rooftop solves the problem in one fell swoop.

Furthermore, rooftop access makes it reasonably easy to install new units, as well as repairing existing ones when they run into trouble. This has bearing on another key factor with commercial units: when trouble arises, you need to get it fixed as quickly as possible, lest customers and employees be left in a hot, uncomfortable office. A position on the rooftop means that it is much more readily accessed by a technician, allowing him or her to perform repairs quickly without disrupting the routine of your office. If you need to add a new unit – say if a new tenant arrives in the office and you require more air conditioning power – then the same principle applies. The new unit can simply be lifted onto the roof and installed without having to force it up stairs or similar uncomfortable spots in the building itself.

If you know why installing commercial air conditioning units make sense, the next step is to contact the experts at Envirotech Air Quality Services to perform the installation. Here in Wellington, commercial air conditioning shouldn’t be left to an inexperience company. We understand how important such systems are, and we’re dedicated to installing them right the first time, every time. Give us a call today to see what we can do!

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