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What’s the Appeal of Commercial Rooftop AC Units?

row of modular rooftop ac units on top of commercial buildingThere are a number of ways in which commercial AC systems are similar to residential systems—the goal of these units is to keep your business cooled down and comfortable, just like a residential cooling system keeps your home comfortable. However, they’re different in a lot of ways too. For instance, they almost always need to cool a lot more space, and have specific cooling needs that must be met for your business to function—for instance, keeping computer systems from overheating.

These unique business needs require specialized care and attention that only a company who specializes in commercial HVAC services can provide. Be sure to trust only a company of this kind for your Boynton Beach, FL commercial HVAC services. Now—let’s talk about one of your commercial AC options, the rooftop unit.

What Are Rooftop Units?

Rooftop commercial AC units are comprised of multiple modular units placed atop your business space. It may seem counterintuitive—exposing your HVAC units to our blazing hot and increasingly humid summers. However, commercial HVAC units are designed to handle these issues with ease. In exchange, they offer a number of tangible benefits, and therefore are very appealing to most commercial building or business owners.

Ease of Access

Could you imagine trying to run a business, or get any work done at all for that matter, with an HVAC repair technician trampling through your workplace handling an air conditioning problem? Rooftop AC units eliminate this concern. Our technicians can reach them and work on them without much interruption to your business.

This allows you to keep moving forward while simultaneously taking care of your air conditioning issue at the same time. Enabling rooftop access also means that you can move new units or other heavy equipment in and out, again without moving through your business space.

Increase or Decrease Your Cooling Needs Quickly

One of the biggest advantages of modular units is that they enable you to increase or decrease your cooling power. You may find yourself needing this for your commercial space in order to accommodate the needs of a new business, or even your own changing and growing business needs.

We simply install a new modular unit onto your existing rooftop system, or remove one as necessary. The rooftop makes an ideal place to do this, because it’s easier to add and subtract units without having to move through the business space itself. Your commercial space’s rooftop also gives you space to expand your system to hold as many units as possible, which can be tricky inside the building where space is usually needed much more!

Better Use of Space

Speaking of space, we imagine that your commercial setup or business needs to make efficient use of your existing space in order to effectively run a business while cutting down on costs. An air conditioning system inside your place of business means using up some of that valuable space unnecessarily in order to accommodate the system. Utilizing your roof lets you set up the system in an unused spot of space.

Envirotech Air Quality Services doesn’t only provide exceptional commercial HVAC services. We are also one of the very few HVAC companies in south Florida who are also licensed mold assessors, mold remediators, and duct cleaners. Contact us today!

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