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What Is AC Preventive Maintenance?

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

Any mechanical device that works on a regular basis requires maintenance to keep it working in top condition and to ensure a long service life. Cars are usually the first machine that comes to mind when people think of routine maintenance. But consider how much you run the air conditioner in your home during a year: with the long warm season in Florida, an AC can do much more work than a car over a 12 month period. Regular maintenance is a necessity if you want your home’s cooling system to enjoy a lengthy life with few expensive repairs.

To sign up for a maintenance program from professionals, call Envirotech Air Quality Services today. We offer AC preventive maintenance in West Palm Beach, FL. The service also includes annual maintenance for your heating system.

The importance of preventive maintenance

There are multiple benefits of scheduling annual maintenance inspections and tune-ups for an AC, but there are three primary ones:

  • Prevent future repairs: This is where the “preventive” part comes in. During a maintenance session, a technician will look over the air conditioner to locate places where wear and tear are affecting the system and could possibly cause future repair troubles. The technician will take care of the cleaning, tune-ups, and adjustments that will lower the chance of malfunctions. Approximately 85% of the repair needs in air conditioners are preventable thanks to regular maintenance, so you can expect to have an almost trouble-free cooling system if you keep up with inspections every year.
  • Extend service life: An air conditioner that receives no regular care will start to age rapidly and eventually break down long before the end of its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan. Maintenance will see that the deteriorating effects of time work slowly on your home’s air conditioner so that you receive the most years possible out of your initial investment in it.
  • Maintain energy efficiency: An air conditioner in poor operating shape will suffer from mechanical stress that will make it drain additional power in order to run. On average, for each year that an AC goes without a regular inspection and tune-up it will lose 5% of its energy efficiency. So, after only four years, an efficient 16 SEER unit will turn into an inefficient 13 SEER unit—and that means a significant rise in energy bills to keep your home cool.

In most parts of the country, homeowners arrange for air conditioning maintenance during the spring to prepare for the summer. Because Florida experiences hot temperatures around the year, there is no single best time to schedule maintenance—just make sure that you have it done once a year.

If you are behind in AC preventive maintenance in West Palm Beach, FL, call us at Envirotech Air Quality Services and sign up for our maintenance program and we will get you started right away.

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