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Why You Shouldn’t Get an Oversized AC

white-question-mark-on-blue-circle-on-white-backgroundNo, we aren’t talking about air conditioning systems that are the size of your home. When we talk about oversized air conditioners, we are discussing systems that are set up to produce too much cooling power for your home. While this could sound like a great idea (more cooling power in the summer sounds more comfortable to a lot of people) it is actually one that will produce more problems than anything else.

We want to ensure you are comfortable this summer and the sizing of your air conditioning system plays a huge role in this. Let us explain why having an oversized AC is just as detrimental to your comfort as an undersized one.

Why Sizing Matters for Your Air Conditioner

When it comes to installing and maintaining your air conditioner in Royal Plam Beach, we cannot emphasize enough that the sizing of your system is going to play a huge role in keeping your home comfortable.

Let’s focus on what proper sizing can do for your home first. If your air conditioner is sized the way it is meant to be, it will allow it to provide a steady flow of cool, comforting air throughout your home that gets the indoor temperature to where you want it to be in a timely manner. Proper sizing helps your AC do this without producing excessive strain on the system or forcing it to use excessive amounts of energy to get the job done.

As you may have already guessed having an oversized air conditioner isn’t going to be able to do the same things as a properly sized system will. Rather than cooling your house off in a reasonable manner, an oversized AC is more likely to short cycle, draw on more energy than is necessary to cool your home, and creates an environment that is uncomfortable due to the fact that it either can’t cool things off or cools them off too quickly.

Problems Created by Oversized AC Units

If you have an oversized air conditioner, it is going to create a few different issues during operation which includes:

  • Short cycling: Because your system is too big, it will reach the set temperature on the thermostat before it actually completes a full cooling cycle. While that might sound great at first, it is actually damaging for your system in the long run and can lead to an early breakdown.
  • Excessive wear and tear: An oversized air conditioner is going to take more of a beating from regular use than a properly sized one would. This is going to wear it out much faster.
  • More energy use: If your AC is sized too large it will draw on the amount of energy that is necessary to cool a larger home, meaning high energy bills for you even if the cooling cycles are shortened.

If you need help with making sure your air conditioning system is sized properly, you can reach out to our team of professionals for help.

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