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Why You Must Keep Your Condensate Drain Clean

When you get home, you want to relax in a cool, comfortable environment, especially during our brutally hot summer season. When your air conditioner is working just as it should, you probably don’t give it all that much thought. Don’t allow a well-performing air conditioner to lull you into a false sense of security, though. There are a number of problems that can develop with your system, particularly if you do not complete the minor maintenance steps that the system demands. Changing your air filter, for instance, protects both the performance quality and overall integrity of your air conditioner in Wellington, FL. Do not forget about your condensate drain line, either, though. This can be the source of a surprising number of varied problems. 

What Is a Condensate Drain?

As your air conditioner works to cool your home, it also removes some of the humidity from the air therein. It has to do something with this moisture, which is where the condensate drain comes in. The moisture that condenses during the cooling process drips into a pan located beneath the evaporator coil, and will be drained from that pan via a drain line. Should that drain line get blocked up, a number of issues may develop.

First of all, you run the risk of condensate backing up and overflowing out of your drain pan. This could lead to water damage on your property. Remember, even relatively small amounts of water can do real damage, and our air is certainly not lacking for humidity in this part of the country.

Additionally, the damp conditions that an overflowing drain trap will lead to can lead to another serious problem: mold growth. We happen to excel in the area of mold remediation, and we can certainly help you out if mold growth becomes a problem in your home. Trust us when we say, though, that avoiding such issues altogether is a much preferable option.

Finally, many air conditioners are equipped with sensors that will shut them down if water levels in the condensate pan reach a certain level. This can interrupt your comfort. Keep your condensate drain and drain pan free of blockages to get the most from your AC.

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