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Why Heat Pumps Are A Great Option For Our Area

ductless-air-handler-being-turned-on-by-remoteLiving around here means you need a good system that can keep your home comfortably cool throughout the majority of the year. Of course, you also need a reliable system that can help you keep warm during those weeks that the temperatures drop lower than you’d like. While a central AC unit is a great solution to keep you cool, a furnace heater may seem like overkill considering how little you may use it.

Heat pumps can be a great solution to this. Why? Because this system will keep your home comfortable all year long without any energy or money wasted. Let us tell you a bit more about why a heat pump in West Palm Beach, FL could be the best match for you.

Why Heat Pumps Are Different

Heat pumps, and other refrigerant-based units, are systems that work with your existing ductwork to provide comfort to your home. You could say that this is what central AC units and furnaces do. However, heat pumps work a little differently than these systems and it is in all the best ways! Here’s what sets heat pumps apart:

  • They can reverse the flow of refrigerant. This allows them to pull heat into your house or transfer it out.
  • They work quietly. While furnaces or central AC units can make some noise while they operate, heat pumps are able to do their job without making almost any noise.
  • They can be ductless. Heat pumps are able to work with your existing ductwork but they can also operate without the use of ducts too, when you invest in a mini split system.

What Makes Heat Pumps Great For Our Area

The things that make heat pumps unique are some of the reasons that they are such a great choice for the homes in our area. Here are some of the best perks of these systems:

  • They both heat and cool. Because heat pumps can reverse the flow of refrigerant in the system, this gives them a unique advantage. Why? Because they can both heat and cool your home! That’s the functionality of two systems wrapped up into one.
  • They use less energy. Heat pumps are known for being extremely energy efficient. This means they can save you money in the long run.
  • They’re ideal for smaller or older homes. Because heat pumps can be ductless, it makes them a great option for smaller homes that can’t fit two systems, or for older homes that can’t accommodate ductwork.

Looking to ensure your comfort this season and beyond? If so, you can come to us for your heat pump installation. The team at Envirotech Air Quality Services stays up-to-date on the latest technology and works with some of the best brands in the industry too. This means that we know what the best options are for your new heat pump system.

Whether you need a system installation, maintenance, or repairs, you can turn to our team. We’ve been serving the South Florida area since 1987.

Contact Envirotech Air Quality Services to learn more about heat pumps.

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