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Why Doesn’t My AC Cool My House Effectively?

When you live in as hot a climate as we do, it is not enough that your air conditioner is simply up and running, blowing cool air from its ducts; that system must be working at peak performance levels in order to ensure that your home is effectively and evenly cooled throughout. There are many reasons as to why your air conditioner may fail to cool your home effectively. Below are three common reasons for this being the case. If you find that you are struggling to enjoy a truly great performance from your air conditioner in Wellington, FL, just give us a call. Envirotech Air Quality Services will figure out precisely what the problem is, and we’ll go about resolving it effectively and entirely.

Thermostat Issues

There may be a lot that can go wrong with any air conditioning systems, but it is always a good idea to check the thermostat before assuming that your system at large is to blame for ineffective cooling. First of all, user error is a prevalent issue in terms of subpar cooling performances from residential ACs. Make sure that you are using your thermostat properly, and that it has not been set incorrectly. Also, remember that your thermostat may not function precisely if installed right next to door or window frames, or even if in very direct sunlight.

Faulty Ductwork

If you use a ducted, forced air distribution based cooling system, then your air ducts must be in fine condition if you are to enjoy a truly great performance from your AC. Leaky ductwork can allow air to escape into parts of the house that don’t need it, and you may wind up with a very uneven performance from your system. You cannot see most of your ductwork, so you’ll need a trained technician to assess and seal or repair them for you.

Improper Sizing

It is possible that your system is actually working just fine, but that it is not of the right size for your home. This is quite unfortunate, as replacement is really the only option in such instances. It is vital that your AC is properly sized prior to installation. This is another reason why you should be scheduling service with the pros on our staff.


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