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Why Burning Odors in Your West Palm Beach Home Could Mean You Need an Air Conditioning Repair

Unusual smells are one way to determine if you need air conditioning repair. West Palm Beach, FL depends on reliable air conditioning to fend off the local heat and humidity. If something’s wrong with your air conditioning system, you should probably take steps to correct it sooner rather than later. Not only does it avert the risk of a breakdown in the middle of a heat waves, but it can save you money by correcting a small problem before it becomes a large one. So what do burning odors in your home mean and how can they suggest a need for air conditioning repair?

Normally, the components of an air conditioning unit don’t make any smells: the refrigerant gas used to facilitate the cooling cycle doesn’t have an odor and is in a closed system. If burning smell is coming from the unit, it probably indicates that something in the electrical system has short circuited. Turn off the air conditioning system immediately and summon a trained professional. He can ascertain the source of the overloaded circuit and chart out a plan to repair it. You may also want to shut power to the AC unit down from the circuit panel box in your home.

Depending on the air conditioning system, you may be smelling a burning odor for some other part of the house. In that case, the smell is being circulated with the air in your house and you’ll need to track it down before you can correct it. Whatever the cause, it certainly isn’t a part of your AC unit’s normal functions. A qualified expert can come to your home to ascertain the problem and find out if it’s caused by your air conditioning. The technicians at Envirotech serve the West Palm Beach area and have the experience to diagnose electrical problems. Emergency services are available 24 hours a day, so give us a call!

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