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Why A Clogged Air Filter Can Become an Issue

man holding air filterImagine being able to see and hear the fact that your air conditioner was running full throttle and creating nice cool air…but being unable to enjoy any of it. If there is a problem with the airflow through your system this may be a reality rather than something in your imagination.

Poor airflow in or out of your air conditioner is problematic, to say the least. It is definitively a sign that you need air conditioning repair in Royal Palm Beach, FL. There is no getting around or ignoring this issue. Let us explain why and how delaying repairs in this situation will rapidly worsen the situation.

What Causes Weak Airflow?

There is more than one cause of weak airflow. Here are going to be the three key culprits you may have to deal with at one point or another:

  • An overly dirty air filter: If your air filter has been in use for multiple months, it may be coated in a nasty layer of dust. If that layer is hefty enough it can actually stop air from getting into the AC to be cooled.
  • Broken AC fans: Your AC uses fans to pull hot air in and push cool air out. If one or more of these fans is broken or malfunctioning in some way it can weaken or halt airflow.
  • Leaks in your ductwork: Your ductwork needs to be whole and sealed to deliver cool air to the many rooms in your home. If you have multiple leaks or even a disconnect in your ducts, it will lead to weakened airflow.

Why Poor Airflow Is Bad News

So why is poor airflow such a big issue? It is because it can ruin the entire cooling process that your AC is trying to complete. If not air gets into your air conditioner, this means no air is able to be cooled to be delivered to your home. If you have an issue with getting cool air out of your AC and into the house, you won’t get the comfort you need. Altogether, this means poor comfort and higher energy bills.

The Easiest Prevention Method: A Filter Change

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you have strong airflow getting into your AC is by checking and changing your air filter on a regular basis. We suggest changing the filter every one to three months depending on the frequency of your system use. This can prevent a multitude of problems and save you a ton of cash too!

If the cause of the airflow issues in your system is something other than your air filter, then you will need a professional technician to help address it. Only a trained professional should be allowed to handle the internal workings of your AC.

If and when you need professional help for your air conditioner, you can turn to the team at Envirotech Air Quality Services. We are here to help keep you comfortable.

Contact Envirotech Air Quality Services today to schedule your AC repairs.

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