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When Should I Consider Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Air conditioners are built to last between ten and twenty years, similar to most other home heating and cooling systems. Just like those other systems, however, air conditioners need regular maintenance to survive for that long. Most homeowners tend to neglect their air conditioning systems until they develop some kind of issue that requires professional attention. This is a mistake. Let’s examine when you should consider air conditioning maintenance, and why.

Spring Maintenance

Traditionally, the best time to conduct maintenance on your air conditioning system is shortly before you plan to start using it more often. Air conditioners get the most use during the summer, so spring is the usual time to conduct annual maintenance. The logic behind this is that your air conditioner is more likely to break down under the strain of heavier usage. If you give it a tune-up right before that season of heavy usage starts, you’re substantially lessening the likelihood of a breakdown during the summer.

Conducting such maintenance at least once a year is necessary to maintain the health of your system. If you neglect annual maintenance, or wait until later in the year, you are running an increased risk of having your air conditioner break down under the stress. This happens all the time during the summer, leading to an increased demand for HVAC repair. Unfortunately for you, that might mean that if your system fails you’ll have to wait several days for a technician to be available. In the middle of summer, having no air conditioning is not a very pleasant thought.

On a Case-by-Case Basis

Though annual maintenance is a very important part of lengthening your air conditioner’s lifespan, it is important to call for maintenance as needed. If you notice any sort of problem with your air conditioner, do not wait for annual maintenance. Instead, be sure to call for a professional HVAC technician any time your air conditioner is acting strangely. That way, you can avoid a breakdown and save some money.

If you haven’t scheduled your annual air conditioner maintenance yet, call Envirotech Air Quality Services. We provide quality air conditioning maintenance in the Wellington area.

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