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When a Compressor Breaks, Do You Repair or Replace?

compressor-in-outdoor-ac-unitNo one wants to be without a water heater in their home. However, we still maintain that your air conditioner may be one of the most important systems in your Florida home. On a hot day, a cold shower can feel great but a hot home, not so much.

You need to keep your air conditioner running right especially as things start to heat up again. So if you’ve noticed that your air conditioner is starting to act up a bit now, it is will only worsen. That is why we strongly advise you jump on knocking out any AC repair in Royal Palm Beach, FL that you have now!

But what if the part of your AC that is acting up is your compressor? Is that a fixable issue? We’ll answer that below.

What The Compressor Does

A compressor can be thought of as the “heart” of your air conditioner. This part of your system compresses the refrigerant, allowing it to turn gaseous and be pushed into your home’s evaporator coil where it will absorb heat.

While your air conditioner can’t function without refrigerant, the refrigerant wouldn’t be of much use without the compressor!

How To Tell You Have A Compressor Problem

We don’t advise opening up your AC’s outdoor unit. That is why you need to know what the signs are of a compressor issue that doesn’t require seeing the component itself. Be on the lookout for issues like:

  • Screeching or clattering sounds
  • Trouble with your air conditioner starting the cooling cycle
  • Short cycling trouble
  • Frequently tripped circuit breakers
  • Issues with the temperature of your air or weak airflow

Is a Compressor Fixable?

Having a compressor problem is a big deal. In some cases, it can be fixable. The problem is that this is a pretty expensive repair to make which is why often we advise replacing your system instead. You deserve to know your options though! Here is what you should know about the possibility of getting your compressor fixed.

  • Option 1. If your air conditioner is still “young” (within the first several years after installation), your technician may advise repairing your compressor as the system may still be under warranty.
  • Option 2. If your AC isn’t too old, there is also the option of replacing just your outdoor unit. This can be more affordable than a full system replacement and may be a good option if your system isn’t under warranty anymore.
  • Option 3. The final option is of course to replace your system. For air conditioners that are older and no longer under warranty, this is going to be the best option, even if it is the most expensive. That said, when you work with our team, you can benefit from our finance options to help make the replacement easier on your budget.

A compressor is certainly not the only component that can encounter problems in your system. Whatever is starting to create trouble for your home comfort, whether it is a loose bolt or a worn-down compressor, you can trust our team to provide an effective solution.

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