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What’s Brewing In Your AC?

How well is your air conditioning doing lately? It likely worked a lot of overtime this summer. As well all know though there really isn’t an “off-season” for our air conditioners. So it is worthwhile to check in with yours on a regular basis.

When we ask what might be brewing in your AC, it is because it is a worthwhile question that can help you discover the need for air conditioning service in Lake Worth, FL.

Signs That Trouble Is Brewing In Your Air Conditioner

After a long summer, it is a good idea to check on your air conditioner and really assess its operation. Make sure to watch for these signs of problems.

  • Concerning noises. Take some time to listen to any noises that your air conditioner is making. Sounds outside of the steady whoosh of air and a click at start-up or shutdown should be treated as a warning sign. Those concerning noises may include hissing, rattling, clanging, bubbling, screeching, or continuous clicking. If you pick up on any of these sounds, you likely need repairs.
  • Weakened airflow. Whatever type of air conditioner you have, weakened airflow is a problem. It is just a matter of determining the cause. For example, in a ductless system, weaker airflow may indicate a clogged air filter in an air handler or it may be a sign of trouble with that air handler’s fan. On the other hand, for ducted heat pumps and air conditioners, that weaker airflow may be a sign of leaking ductwork as well. Don’t ignore this issue–no matter which system you have it is a big problem.
  • Short cycling. How long is your air conditioner running? The average cooling cycle should last between 10 to 15 minutes in length. If your system is only running for a few brief minutes before shutting down though then you are encountering short cycling. This issue creates a lot of strain on your system and can be both a sign of trouble (ex. a refrigerant leak) and a cause of more trouble down the line (ex. frozen evaporator coil).
  • Increased energy bills. Maybe your air conditioner isn’t producing any major signs of trouble just yet but you are noticing that running it has become a lot more costly. If your use of your system hasn’t changed then this should be a cause for concern. Even if you aren’t noticing major signs of trouble yet, increased energy bills are an indicator that your system is struggling to get its job done and is eating up extra energy to try to make up the difference.

Get Your AC Back Into Prime Condition

If your air conditioner is struggling with a repair need, then it means scheduling a visit from a trained technician is the best option. You can avoid trouble by scheduling maintenance each spring and fall. But when issues do pop up over the years, our expert technicians can help address them promptly.

Schedule your AC repair or tune-up with Envirotech Air Quality Services.

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