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What Questions You Need to Ask When Selecting an AC


outside unit of an air conditioner with tools and hands resting on topThe rest of the country is hunkering down to make sure they can keep warm this winter. However, those of us in Florida are more likely to wear flip flops for our next holiday gathering rather than boots and a scarf.

Florida stays pretty warm year-round which means that our air conditioners are going to see a lot more wear and tear than our heaters. Even with great maintenance, this can lead to the need for air conditioning repair in Wellington, FL, and eventually can lead to the full breakdown of your cooling unit. If your air conditioner needs to be upgraded, our team can help you with the process from start to finish.

How to Tell You Need a New AC

First things first, let’s see if you do truly need a new air conditioner replacement rather than simply a repair. Here are some of the signs that your system does need to be replaced:

  • The unit is 10 years old or more. Between 10 and 15 years of use is when your system should be replaced.
  • Energy bills show constant spikes. If you notice spikes in your energy bills that won’t go away even with repairs and maintenance, it is likely you need a new unit.
  • Your AC uses R-22 refrigerant. This refrigerant type has been phased out of use at this time.

Questions to Ask When Selecting Your New Air Conditioner

If you do need a new air conditioning system you don’t want to go into this without having all the information possible at your disposal. It can help to take the time to ask these questions to help you select your next system.

  • Am I looking to increase my energy efficiency level? If you want to try to increase the level of energy efficiency in your home, investing in an AC with a higher SEER rating can be a good choice. Additionally, it may mean that looking into an inverter AC may be an option too.
  • Do I want the option to cool one room at a time? If cooling the entire home at once isn’t working well for you, you may want to consider a heat pump that can be used to cool one area of the home at a time.
  • Do I want to continue investing in my ductwork? Your ducts are needed for ducted heat pumps and central AC systems. If you would prefer to do without the use of your ductwork to save money, it may be time to look into ductless AC systems.

If the time comes to replace your air conditioner, you don’t want to deal with this issue alone. You can come to Envirotech Air Quality Services to get this job done properly. We can help you with every part of the replacement process, from assessment and the selection of your new system to sizing and installation. You can trust your home comfort in the hands of our trained expert technicians.

Contact the professionals at Envirotech Air Quality Services to schedule your next AC service.

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