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What Problems Can a Poor Air Conditioning Installation in West Palm Beach Lead To?

Here in West Palm Beach, we understand the need for quality air conditioning installation. Without a good AC system, the heat and humidity would overwhelm us; quality air conditioning units mean our households can stay cool air and comfortable. If the air conditioning system is installed in a shoddy or slipshod manner, it can lead to a number of significant problems. A few of the more prominent ones appear below.

  • Inefficiency: Poor air conditioning installation means fittings and connections in your ducts and the AC unit itself that aren’t properly secured. A bad fitting or loose bolt can lead to cool air leaking out of the system instead of into your home like it should. As a consequence, your air conditioning system must labor to cool your air, resulting in higher monthly bills and greater wear and tear on the system.
  • Damage: If your various components aren’t installed correctly, they can cause damage to other parts of the system. For example, a misaligned fan may start to grind against nearby components, while an improperly set condensate line won’t drain, causing an overflow of condensation to seep into other components. That kind of damage eventually needs a trained technician to address, costing you time and money.
  • No guarantees: Licensed contractors are far less likely to do a poor job of installation than unlicensed contractors. Even when they do, their work is usually covered under a warranty or similar guarantee, ensuring that any problems will be swiftly corrected. A poor installation that isn’t covered can turn into a huge headache for the homeowner, as he must either cajole the installer to correct the problems or hire a new one to do the job.

You can avoid these problems by selecting a skilled professional to handle air conditioning installation. Envirotech proudly serves West Palm Beach and other nearby communities, and can advise you on all your options before conducting an installation. Contact us today to see what a difference a seasoned expert can make.

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