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What Noises Are Normal From a Working AC Unit?

woman-looking-concerned-or-surprisedIt is a good idea to be aware of what noises from your air conditioning in West Palm Beach indicate trouble. However, it is also good to understand what noises are normal. This way you can compare and contrast the two, making it clearer when there is an actual issue.

No air conditioner runs silently unless it isn’t running at all. But not every noise is worth a call to an AC technician. While we love to hear from our customers and help them out, we also want to help you feel relaxed and comfortable in your home. You deserve to enjoy your AC when it is running normally, rather than stressing about every sound it emits.

Here are the sounds that you want to hear from your air conditioner.

The whoosh of air

This is the number one noise that you should always hear from your air conditioning system. If you don’t hear air being produced by your AC unit then you have a problem on your hands. But when your system is working properly, you’ll hear air moving through it and being blown into the different parts of your home. Aside from the fact that this is what you want to hear from your system, the whoosh of moving air is also a fairly pleasant white noise.

The hum of the condenser

The condenser unit is the outdoor unit of your AC. When your air conditioner runs, the motor in this part of the unit turns on, condensing refrigerant and dispersing the hot air that it has absorbed. You should hear the motor of this unit running, producing a steady hum like that of any other operating motor. If this hum stutters or starts and stops, then you should talk to a technician.

The click after the thermostat turns on

When you adjust your thermostat and the system realizes that it needs to cool things down, you’ll hear a click. That click is the HVAC unit registering that it needs to get to work.

A small amount of water dripping

This sound may be rare to hear but it isn’t something to worry over. The cooling process produces some condensation which is collected in a pan and drained away outside the house. If you hear a small amount of water dripping, then it is like caused by the small amount of condensation that is dripping into the drain line.

Here’s what you DON’T want to hear!

If you need a quick refresher, here are the sounds that you shouldn’t hear from your AC and their common causes:

  • Loud, concerning rattling: Caused by parts starting to come loose
  • Loud clanging: loose parts bouncing around in the system
  • Continuous clicking: A problem with the system turning on
  • Short cycling: something is interrupting the cooling cycle
  • Screeching: a dry motor belt or loose fan blade
  • Hissing or bubbling: A refrigerant leak

Have an air conditioner that sounds wrong? Then it is time to reach out to our team for help!

Contact Envirotech Air Quality Services to schedule your AC services today.

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