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West Palm Beach, FL Air Conditioning Guide: Two-Stage Systems

For getting cool air relief in the muggy and hot climate of Florida, you have multiple air conditioning options. Not only are there a variety of brands, but also different types of systems. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with the basics about two-stage system ACs and what they can do for you. When you’re ready for quality air conditioning installation and service in West Palm Beach, FL, call on the experts at Envirotech.

What makes a two-stage air conditioner different from a standard system is that it has a compressor with two different settings. The AC can run on the high setting for the hottest days of summer, and then switch to lower operation when the outside temperature begins to go down—running at approximately 60% of full power.

The low setting can satisfy most people’s needs outside of the most intense summer heat. The air conditioner will operate on lengthy cycles at the lower setting, resulting in less energy waste from multiple start-ups. You can also keep a two-stage air conditioner running for longer at the low setting, which means a more even temperature throughout your home.

An air conditioner running at 60% of its power also gets less wear, both on its internal components and the ductwork. You can stay cool without having to push your system to its limit and needing to get expensive repairs because of it.

Another nice feature: two-stage ACs operate much more quietly while on the low setting. You can have a cool and tranquil home at the same time.

If one of these AC is the right choice for you, it can provide you with tremendous savings on your energy bill. But keep in mind that a two-stage air conditioner is more intricate than the standard single-stage AC. Although all home air conditioners need professional maintenance to keep them working, it is especially important to rely on expert help when you need work done on a two-stage system.  Envirotech offers the quality air conditioning service you need in West Palm Beach, FL to install your two-stage system and keep it running. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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