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Air Conditioning Sounds: Should I be Worried?

Do you hear a strange or unusually loud sound coming from your air conditioning system? If you’re at all concerned about the noises coming out of your AC, then it might be an indication of a significant underlying problem. It should be taken care of immediately, because it might not only lead to inefficiency and high energy bills, but possibly also system damages. If you’re concerned, the best course of action is to shut your AC off and call a West Palm Beach air conditioning repair professional at Envirotech. We can diagnose the problem quickly and recommend a solution.

Here are some sounds that might be cause for concern:

  • Buzzing: If you hear a buzzing sound coming from your AC, the problem may be electrical in nature. It may be a problem with the electrical supply wiring running from the circuit breaker to the AC unit, or a problem with the capacitor. However, buzzing can also indicate a serious electrical problem known as “arcing.” This can be hazardous, as it may cause electrical shock.
  • Hissing: If it sounds like there is an air leak somewhere causing a hissing sound, then there probably is. If it is located in or around your ductwork, then it’s probably because of a crack or hole in the ducts or the air handler plenum. But if you hear it around the coils or the unit itself, then it could be caused by a refrigerant leak. The level of refrigerant in your AC should be constant. If it becomes low, then it can result in higher energy bills as well as system damage.
  • Banging: A banging noise is often due to a loose part within one of the units, or possible a damaged part in one of motors. It could also be a bent fan blade hitting the housing.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Strange and loud sounds that occur unexpectedly are often the results of something going wrong with your AC. Call Envirotech for comprehensive West Palm Beach air conditioning repair. 

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