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West Palm AC Guide: Central Air Conditioning System Noise

When the hot weather is in full swing the last thing you want to worry about is the reliability of your West Palm Beach home’s central air conditioning system. The onset of unusual noises coming from your system can be a cause for concern, especially in the months when you rely on it most. There are a number of simple problems that could be at fault, though, so read these possible causes of air conditioning system sounds before worrying up too much of a sweat.

One of the most common, but still troublesome, noises to unexpectedly come from your central cooling system is a whistling sound. This could be the result of air escaping through a crack or seam in your system’s ductwork. Repair or replacement of damaged ducts will have your air conditioning running properly again in no time.

If you’re hearing clattering sounds while your system is running your fan belt may be worn or damaged. This will cause the belt to slip while rotating and create the noise you’re hearing. This is another quick fix for a service technician.

The fan blades of your cooling system are another likely suspect for excessive noise coming from your central air conditioning system. An inspection of the fan blades will determine if the fan assembly requires repair or replacement. If the blades are bent or if the fan is not sturdy it can rub against the housing unit and make quite a racket.

If something sounds loose or is rattling while your air conditioner is running, it is possible that the indoor motor is at fault. The screws securing the motor frame can come loose over time and rattle when the indoor blower’s motor is in operation. Any foreign object or debris that has made its way into the blower can also be responsible.

These simple solutions to the noises your central air conditioning system is making are best case scenarios. The fixes may be simple, but there may be more going on with your system than a few loose screws. To make sure that your West Palm Beach air conditioning system is ready for the hot weather, call Envirotech Air Quality Services. Our trained technicians will fix any problems that your cooling system is experiencing while making sure that there is nothing more serious happening with your air conditioning system.

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