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The Main Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance

Because the winter season in Florida is short, it’s never too early in the new year to start considering arranging for air conditioning maintenance. Right now, during a period when you won’t need to have the AC running regularly, is an excellent time to contact Envirotech Air Quality Services and arrange for one of our technicians to provide your air conditioning system with a thorough inspection and tune-up. We offer a preventive maintenance program that will take care of both heating and air conditioning maintenance in Lake Worth, FL each year so that you are ready for the weather—no matter what it is.

Air conditioning maintenance brings with it a number of important benefits. Here are three of the main benefits to consider when you are thinking of enrolling in a preventive maintenance program.

  • Extended service lifespan: Your air conditioner has a manufacturer’s estimated lifespan, usually marked on the cabinet. However, the AC won’t reach that point without help from routine maintenance. The stress of running on a regular basis will cause the air conditioner to wear down rapidly and fail years before it should. Needing to replace the entire air conditioning system is the biggest “repair” you may need to schedule, so make sure that you don’t have to retire your AC until you absolutely must by keeping up with yearly maintenance from experienced technicians.
  • Fewer repairs: Here’s a statistic that will clarify how much money you can save through regular maintenance: 85% of the repairs that an AC can typically need are fully preventable thanks to regular maintenance services. At each maintenance visit, the technician will spot places where repairs may eventually be necessary and take care of the cleanings and adjustments that will prevent them from happening. The reduction in wear and tear will also eliminate later repair worries.
  • More efficient performance: The accumulation of dust and dirt along AC components and the filter will cause the system to start to work harder than it should to supply you with cool air. For each year that an AC misses regular maintenance, it will suffer a 5% drop in its efficiency. So in only four years you could be paying 20% more on your cooling bills. On the other hand, thanks to regular maintenance, your air conditioner could stay at 95% of its original efficiency thanks to maintenance.

Call Envirotech Air Quality Services today and ask about our heating and air conditioning maintenance program in Lake Worth, FL. Along with bi-annual maintenance visits, you will also receive a 10% discount on repair parts for signing up.

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