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Summer Air Conditioning Sale! Amana

Amana AC Sale | Palm Beach | Envirotech Air Quality ServicesIncredibly low prices, and tremendous value for Amana ASXC16 SEER and Amana ASXC18 SEER systems!

Amana 16 and 18 SEER systems come with manufacturer’s LIFETIME compressor warranty and 10 year warranty on all other parts plus a FREE 10 year labor warranty.

1) lifetime compressor warranty, the 10 year parts warranty and the 10 year labor warranty

2) 10 year parts warranty on other parts

3) 10 Year labor warranty included in our incredibly low price

Never pay for replacement compressor if ever needed

No cost for replacement parts if needed  for 10 years

NO LABOR COST FOR REPAIRS (maintenance not included) for 10 years!

These benefits will significantly reduce the cost of any needed repairs over the life of the system.

Call today for more information and pricing.

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