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Should You Replace Your Compressor or Your Entire AC System?

There are many problems that can develop with your home cooling system over the years. From failed capacitors to refrigerant leaks or damaged air ducts, potential AC repair needs are around every corner. Fortunately, most of these can be spotted early with proper maintenance, and repaired promptly.

One AC system issue that is particularly detrimental though, is that of a broken down compressor—especially if that compressor is beyond the point of repair. If you do face this air conditioning problem, you may be wondering if it is worth it to replace the compressor, or if you’d be better off replacing your entire air conditioner all at once.

Should You Replace Your Whole System?

The first thing you want to do when facing a broken compressor is ensure that you are only dealing with trustworthy HVAC technicians who can accurately diagnose and address your AC issue. When you work with us, that’s what you’ll get. The compressor is actually one of the most commonly misdiagnosed components in your cooling system.

When determining whether or not you should replace your whole system, consider first the warranty on your compressor. If you are still under warranty then you won’t have to pay for the compressor—just the labor required for the replacement. In this case, replacing the compressor may be your best option. However, a compressor breaking down while it’s still under warranty is very rare.

So what if the compressor is no longer under warranty? You might still choose to replace it, but if you do then you might want to replace the entire outdoor unit, as in most cases this won’t cost much more than replacing the compressor alone.

In the long run, it’s generally recommended to replace the entire air conditioning system at once, instead of a single indoor or outdoor unit. The reason for this is because these units are made to interact with each other, and typically accrue wear and tear in tandem. Pairing an old evaporator coil with a new compressor and condenser coil can lead to inefficient and unnecessarily expensive cooling practices.

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