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Should I Schedule Air Conditioning Repair in Lake Worth, FL if Circuits Keep Tripping?

The climate in Florida, with its heat and humidity, means that homeowners need quality air conditioning repair. Lake Worth, FL is no different, and local residents need a solid AC unit to keep their homes comfortable during those sweltering summer heat waves. If your system is experiencing problems, they might make themselves known in another part of your house: specifically the circuit breakers. If the circuits keep tripping, should you schedule air conditioning repair?

In some cases, the breaker might be tripping because it’s overloaded by multiple appliances. Your central AC usually has a dedicated circuit when professional installed, so this is not often a problem. The issue typically stems from the air conditioner itself: likely because one or more components is overworked and overloaded.  That can stem from a number of different factors. Wear and tear can cause damage to individual components, which need to work harder to cool your air. A lack of maintenance can result in dust build-up on the coils and elsewhere, while air filters that you don’t change can do the same thing.

Depending on the precise air conditioning model, an overloaded component has a shut-off switch, which shuts the entire unit down in the event of an overload. This serves much the same purpose as your circuit breakers: cutting off power before the overload causes more damage. If your air conditioning lacks those features, then the circuit breaker in your home will perform the same function.

Regardless of the causes, the circuit breaker will keep tripping until you correct the issue, either by having the overloaded part replaced or cleaning and maintaining the system such that it doesn’t labor so hard to cool the air. To do that right, you need a qualified technician to assess the problem and enact a proper solution. The experts at Envirotech specialize in air conditioning repair, and serve the Lake Worth, FL and the surrounding West Palm Beach area. If your air conditioner keeps tripping the breakers, call us today to set up an appointment.

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