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Should I Repair or Replace My HVAC System

air-conditioner-with-tools-and-technicianThe heat certainly hasn’t gone anywhere. However, it is becoming a little less aggressively warm and there is a chance that you might be able to use your air conditioning system a little less than normal. On those days that you discover you can stay comfortable without your cooling system running, you may want to take the chance to consider if it is time to check on it.

Your cooler sees a lot of wear and tear because it gets used throughout a large portion of the year. Maintenance will keep it running for a good long while, but eventually all that use adds up. When it does, this creates a need for repairs or, if your system has been around long enough to earn its driver’s license, a replacement.

If you aren’t sure whether your cooling HVAC in Fort Lauderdale, FL needs to be repaired or fully replaced, we can help.

Choosing whether you need to repair or replace your cooling unit can be a somewhat tricky decision. How do you know which symptoms indicate what? We are here to help you so don’t worry!

When to Schedule Repairs

You should schedule repairs for your A/C unit if…

  • Your unit is near new or is still under 10 years old.
  • It has been maintained regularly.
  • Your last repair call was a year previous or more.
  • You’ve noticed noises, short-cycling, or inconsistent temperatures when you run your air conditioner.

When it is Time for a Replacement

  • Your system is 10 to 15 years old.
  • Maintenance doesn’t prevent frequent repair needs.
  • You need to schedule repairs more than once a  year.
  • The unit is unable to produce cool air no matter how many times it is repaired.
  • Utility costs have become too high to consider running the unit
  • Your unit uses R-22 as its refrigerant.

The Role of Refrigerant in Your Service Call

Refrigerant is the substance that allows your air conditioner to produce cool air. By cycling refrigerant through coils, your A/C absorbs heat and changes the temperature of the air that it blows out.

A multitude of air conditioners utilize a refrigerant known as R-22. R-22 is a chemical that has been found to be harmful to the ozone layer and will no longer be produced, starting January 2020. This means two things for those whose air conditioners utilize R-22 refrigerant:

  1. If you need a refrigerant recharge after January 2020, R-22 will be increasingly more expensive as supplies begin running low.
  2. You will need to replace your air conditioner with a new system that uses the new, chlorine-free type of refrigerant known as R-410A.

For now, repairing your AC when it has a refrigerant leak and needs a recharge is possible but it will get more expensive as time goes on until you have to replace the system with a type that uses R-410A.

Whichever service call you make, you will need a reliable team on your side to help take care of your HVAC system. The trained professionals at Envirotech Air Quality Systems are the people you can rely on to get your HVAC repairs or replacement done right.

Contact Envirotech Air Quality Services to set up your next appointment.

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