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Royal Palm Beach AC Guide: What To Do About Cool Spots

Our Royal Palm Beach air conditioning systems are intended to keep us comfortably cool.  However, even if it’s 90 degrees outside and the air conditioner is blowing cold air directly on you, it can become uncomfortably cold quite quickly.  This could be an indication that your your air conditioning system is creating cool spots.

Air Conditioning Cool Spots

Cold spots can happen when an air conditioning system is not properly sized, or with a ductwork system that is not properly installed or not balanced at installation.  If you have a heating system that works with the same ductwork, you may also get hot spots when the heater is running.

When cold spots occur it is usually due to an oversized AC system.  This is because the air conditioner turns on and produces much more cold air than is necessary which results in a flood of cold air in a short amount of time.  The thermostat then detects this drastic change in air temperature and quickly shuts off, which means rather than having a comfortable space, your building feels cold and then hot quite quickly.  Since air conditioners are specifically sized to each space they should turn on for a longer period of time, keeping the entire space cool for longer without quickly shutting on and off repeatedly.

Conversely, if your air conditioning system is not powerful enough it will produce hot spots that never quite cool down because the cold air output is never quite enough.

The other problem could be with vents that are improperly placed or badly designed ducts.  Vents in strange places can cause pooling of cold air which will create cool spots, even if your AC system is the proper size.

Solutions to Cold Spots

When you notice an air conditioning cool spot, it is important to contact an AC company in Royal Palm Beach such as Envirotech.  We can check for the most common air conditioning problems that could be causing the cold spot to occur.  Our skilled technicians will compare the dimensions of your home or office with the capacity of your air conditioning and heating system to determine if your AC system is oversized or undersized.


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