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Recognizing the Need for Air Conditioning Repair in West Palm Beach, FL

Sometimes it can be difficult to assess the need for air conditioning repair. After all, you know that a little bit of noise is acceptable, and it’s hard to distinguish whether your AC is as efficient or powerful as it was last year. While a little bit of depreciation is expected during the course of your air conditioner’s lifespan, sudden shifts in cooling performance or efficiency should not be merely accepted at face value. Spring is a great time to take control of your AC to ensure that your cooling system works well all summer long. With a little bit of attention and care, you can recognize the need for air conditioning repair in West Palm Beach, FL. Call Envirotech Air Quality Services for comprehensive air conditioning services!

Let’s take a look at a few indications that your AC may be in need of repair:

  • Inadequate cooling. Does your air conditioner no longer perform as it once did? Or does warm air emerge from your duct registers instead of the cool air you have come to expect? If you have a clogged air filter, your evaporator coil may have frozen over, which can drastically reduce the cooling performance of your AC. Alternatively, there may be a problem with your blower motor, which may not be able to distribute the cool air effectively through the ductwork.
  • Hot spots. If it feels as though there are several spots in your home that, for some reason or another, do not cool down, you may need professional air conditioning repair. Hot spots often indicate a system imbalance in the forced air distribution system, or even a refrigerant leak.
  • Excessive noise. If your AC has become significantly louder over the years, then it may be in need of repair. Grinding can indicate a dry or loose bearing in the blower or fan motor, while buzzing can often indicate an electrical problem.

If you feel that your AC is inadequate to the task of keeping you cool this summer, speak to a professional about your options. For air conditioning repair in West Palm Beach, FL, call Envirotech Air Quality Services today! 

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