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Problems with the Blower Array in Your Air Conditioner

Here in Wellington, air conditioning repair services must deal with all manner of problems. That includes the blower and fan array, which pushes cooled air out of the AC system and into the ducts leading through your home. Problems with the blower array in your air conditioner are often just as problematic as problems with the refrigerant or compressor mechanism. Without the blower, the cool air can’t reach your home, and the air conditioner might as well be useless. The good news is that the causes of those problems are centered in a few very specific places.

Most of the time, problems with the blower array stem from the fan motor, which suffers from the same difficulties that any other motor does. If too much strain is placed on it, it will overload and shut down. (A reset button is located on the motor in the event that this is a one-time occurrence.) It can also encounter problems with frayed electrical wires and faulty connectors, which will disrupt power to the motor, and the fan belt may become frayed as well, preventing the moor for effectively turning the fan blades.

In some cases, the fan blades themselves may be the problem. If they are knocked out of alignment, or get bent or broken, the air won’t flow the way it should. (The turning blades may also damage nearby components as well.) Blades can also be damaged by twigs or other debris that slip in through the vents and get caught in the turning mechanism. In these instance, the technician usually needs to replace the fan blades completely, though sometimes it’s enough simply to clear the blockage from the turning mechanism.

No matter what the problems are with the blower array, you need a trained professional to handle them properly. And the experts at Envirotech Air are here to help. AC repair is a core part of our air conditioning service in Wellington, FL and we have experience handling blower problems of all varieties. If you have any questions or concerns about the performance of your blower array, then give us a call. You’ll be glad you did!

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