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Parts of an AC That Will Decline without Regular Maintenance

Your air conditioner is most likely one of the largest and most costly appliances in your home, so most people would not want replace it before its expected lifespan is through. But if you don’t schedule regular air conditioning maintenance, parts of your air conditioner may decline, possibly leading to major repairs, or worse, sudden failure. During air conditioning maintenance, a technician will clean and inspect your entire system, make a few minor adjustments, and keep you updated about potential problems with your system. Without this valuable service, some of the following vital components may begin to decline.

  • Coils: There are two important coils inside of your air conditioner that help refrigerant to absorb and release heat. The evaporator coil, located in the indoor portion of your AC, helps refrigerant to turn into a gas and absorb heat from your home while the outdoor condenser coil allows it to release heat and condense into a liquid. Because a fan blows air over each of these coils, they may easily become covered with dirt and debris, impairing their ability to function and keeping your air conditioner from cooling as thoroughly as it should.
  • Electrical Connections: One of the most common reasons for AC failure is electrical problems. During maintenance, a technician checks and tightens electrical connections and tests for the proper voltage. This prevents damage to the compressor and keeps your air conditioner from short cycling or failing without warning.
  • Compressor: There are many parts which may wear down the compressor if left in a state of disrepair. For example, your compressor may become overworked if there is low refrigerant because it is sized to handle a certain load according to the cooling capacity of your unit. Alternatively, a faulty thermostat may contribute to excessive wear on your compressor, and may even lead to unexpected breakdowns.

Air conditioning maintenance keeps these parts of your AC and more in top shape. This could lower your bills and keep you from being hit with unexpected repair bills when you need your AC the most. For air conditioning maintenance in West Palm Beach, FL, call our dedicated team of experts at Envirotech Air Quality Services today.

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