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New Features Available in Central AC Systems in Palm Beach

Central air conditioning systems tend to get more complex and better as time progresses.  There are a number of very helpful features available in central AC systems that were not available in years past.  The  air conditioning experts at Envirotech Air Quality Services can help you understand each of these central AC features and how they can help with your air conditioning needs.

Central AC System Features to Look For

Every central AC system has its own unique features and knowing a little more about each of these central air conditioning features can help you determine which ones are the most pertinent to your specific home or office space.

  • Type:  Many central AC systems use ductwork systems in conjunction with both an air conditioning unit and a separate heating unit.  However, packaged air conditioners and heat pumps both offer the option of air conditioning and heating the air indoors with the use of one central cabinet.
  • Size:  Air conditioning capacity and AC size are important as each AC can provide cooled air for a certain sized space, according to the number of BTUs.
  • Energy Efficiency and SEER Ratings (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio):  Government standards have been set which state that every air conditioner must have minimum of a SEER 13 rating.  SEER ratings range all the way up to SEER 27.  Higher SEER ratings mean higher initial price tags for air conditioners, but lower monthly utility bills for purchased energy.
  • Dual-Stage Compressor:  The compressor runs at higher speeds during times of high outdoor temperatures and at lower speeds on milder temperature days which saves energy.  This provides better humidity control and a compressor that runs much quieter.
  • Sound Dampening:  Insulation around the compressor and insulation from vibrations create an air conditioner that operates more quietly.
  • Thermal Expansion Valve:  The TEV controls how much refrigerant flows into the evaporator, keeping it functioning at a high level of efficiency.
  • Fan Only Switch:  This switch allows the ventilator to run even when the air conditioner is not needed, providing a fan function which improved ventilation.
  • Touch Screen Control Panel:  Control temperature settings on the thermostat and watch the AC self-diagnostics tool identify spots for troubleshooting AC issues.
  • Filter Check Light:  Easy notification for when the filter has become clogged and needs to be cleaned or replaced.
  • Warranty:  Manufacturers will often offer warranties on all parts for air conditioners that are installed by their approved vendors and AC companies.

Envirotech Air Quality Services has a team of certified AC technicians in Palm Beach that can help you understand these central AC features even further, ensuring you are one step closer to having the central air conditioning system that you need for your unique indoor space.

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