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Need a New AC? Consider Going Ductless!

Now is the time of year when air conditioning starts to weigh heavily on our minds. It’s already getting pretty warm out there, and it is only going to get hotter and hotter as the days go by from here on out. Hopefully, you’ve got a dependable and effective air conditioning system installed and ready to go in your home. If you suspect the need for an AC replacement in Royal Palm Beach, FL, though, or if your system has given out on you entirely and this is definitely the case. Now is the time to act. While your at it, you are wise to carefully consider the use of a ductless mini split system in your home.

When to Consider an AC Replacement

Ideally, you will replace the air conditioner in your home before it gives out on you entirely. Keep the age of your air conditioning system in mind. If your cooling system is nearing or beyond its projected lifespan, you may want to call it a good run and replace it before a total breakdown occurs. That way, you won’t be left without a functional AC during the hottest time of the year. You should also take your repair needs into consideration. Just because something can be fixed, after all, does not mean that it is worth fixing. If your air conditioner just isn’t reliable anymore, you may be best served by replacing it with a newer model.

Why Go Ductless?

There are a few reasons to consider the use of a ductless air conditioning system. First of all, you get two systems in one, as ductless mini splits use heat pump technology in order to heat homes during the winter, as well as to cool them during the summer. You also won’t have to worry about energy loss via leaking ductwork, as there is no ductwork at all. Additionally, the individually controlled dampers that these systems use allow homeowners to heat and cool different areas of their homes to different temperatures. This means that you can live more comfortably while simultaneously cutting back on energy consumption.

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