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Money Saving Tips for Cooling Your Home

We are approaching a cooler time of the year, now that August is behind us. Of course, with a baseline of temperatures hovering around 90° in the recent past, our “cooler temperatures” are still fairly hot. Air conditioning is this area is in use throughout much of the year, and that is certainly holding true for the foreseeable future. If you are starting to feel a financial pinch because of how much you are paying to cool your home, read the information below. We’ve put together some helpful tips which should allow you to enjoy more efficient air conditioning in West Palm Beach, FL. Remember to work with Envirotech Air Quality Services when you need any AC services in the area.

  • Change your air filter often. It sounds simple—and it truly is—but this simple task can really help to boost the efficiency with which your HVAC system operates. When pollutants build up on your air filter, your HVAC system is going to have to work harder than it should have to in order to force air through that blocked filter. This will cause it to use up more energy than it should, driving your energy costs higher. When pollutants build up on other sensitive components in your system as well, efficiency can plummet even further.
  • Schedule routine, preventative air conditioning maintenance. There is no way to overstate just how important it is to do so. When you allow one of our technicians to thoroughly inspect and tune up your home cooling system, you can count on that system functioning as effectively and efficiently as possible. As a result, you can cut down on cooling costs while also enjoying outstanding comfort.
  • Consider replacing your system with a more efficient model, or a high-efficiency air conditioner. While this is ceratinly a considerable investment, energy savings over time can help to offset the initial expense. You are going to have to cool your home throughout much of the year, so it only makes sense to do so with a very efficient system.

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