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Make the Switch to Whole House Cooling


Whole house cooling refers to either fans or air conditioners/AC vents circulating air throughout your whole home. This has a few benefits, which is why if you’re just using one or two window units to cool your home, you should reconsider that.

AC installation in Wellington, FL can change the air that you breathe indoors. That’s a bold claim, so let’s back it up with some hard-hitting information about home air circulation, energy efficiency, and airborne illnesses.

Whole House Cooling Alters the Way Viruses and Bacteria Spread

If you leave a bucket of water outside and it’s completely still, what happens? It becomes a breeding ground for dangerous pathogens and bacteria.

While stale air isn’t the exact same, we can apply a similar mode of thinking. The longer your air remains stale, the more bacteria it holds, and the worse your health can get.

With whole house cooling, air from all around your house circulates and moves around. According to the American Lung Association, “To provide good air quality, enough air needs to be brought in and circulated so that it reaches all areas of the home.”

Circulating Air May Save You Money on Energy Bills

Your house feels stuffy, so you turn on the air conditioner. Before long, you’re cold and want to turn it off. That stuffy feeling could be more of a problem with stale air than actually being warm or hot.

Whole house cooling systems can simply run the fans instead of running the air conditioner. This circulates air throughout your entire home and evens out the temperature inside. No house is perfectly heated or cooled in every single room and hallway; this helps level the playing field.

How does this help with energy bills? Because it doesn’t cost as much energy to run the fans as it does to run your entire air conditioner. You improve your health, put less wear and tear on your air conditioner, and regulate the temperature inside of your house all at once.

No More Hot Spots

Have you ever walked through your home and noticed the temperature difference from room to room? Your bedroom is, for some reason, six degrees hotter than the kitchen, and the living room is always a different temperature than the rest of the house?

This comes down to air circulation which we talked about earlier (and possibly an insulation problem, but that’s a conversation for another time). You can circulate the air while regulating the temperature with whole house cooling. No more random hot spots and no more discomfort in specific rooms throughout your home.

Whole House Cooling is the Best Path Forward

Reducing energy bills and the spread of indoor bacteria while increasing your comfort all at once sounds pretty good, doesn’t it. Whole house cooling is how you take your home comfort to the next level and get rid of those clunky window units that leak cold air outside. You deserve a system that works for your comfort.

Contact Envirotech Air Quality Services today for your next air conditioner installation project and start reaping the benefits of whole house cooling.

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