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Lake Worth, FL Air Conditioning FAQ: Why is My Refrigerant Low?

Your AC producing cool air during the hot and humid Florida summer largely rests upon having the correct refrigerant charge flowing through your air conditioning components and coils. Refrigerant is chemically designed to produce radical temperature changes under pressurized conditions, and this property makes the AC process possible. Your AC is a closed system, and should not expend or lose refrigerant. This brings us to the subject of today’s blog post, which gives you some potential reasons for why your refrigerant is low. Call Envirotech Air Quality Services today for comprehensive Lake Worth, FL air conditioning services.

There are numerous symptoms of low refrigerant, including frosty coils, inadequate cooling and dehumidification, as well as damage to system components. But, generally speaking, there are really two reasons your refrigerant is low.

  • Improper installation: Unfortunately, if you didn’t hire a qualified technician to install your AC, then you may be at risk of low refrigerant. The “charge” of your refrigerant needs to be of a certain level to absorb and dissipate thermal energy. Refrigerant circulates within the various components, but if these were not properly fitted, or adjusted, then you cannot expect adequate cooling performance and energy efficiency.
  • Leak: The more probable reason why you have low refrigerant is because of a leak. While both the indoor and outdoor housing around the coils seek to protect them from physical damage, punctures do happen. Alternatively, if you have copper coils, they may be subject to pitting or corrosion. Also, weather and sand can cause erosion of the outdoor coils. If you notice a hissing sound in and around your AC unit, then this could be a small refrigerant leak.

Low refrigerant can affect any air conditioner, no matter how high-powered or energy efficient. If your AC is not operating as it should, or you think you might need repair, call for superior Lake Worth, FL air conditioning services from Envirotech Air Quality Services.

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