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Keep an Eye Out for These AC Condenser Damage Risks

If you have a central air conditioning system, it is comprised of two separate units. One is located inside your home, and the other outside. The outside unit is called the condenser. It gets this name because this is where condensation occurs to release heat to the outdoors. This unit houses the compressor, a blower fan, and the condenser coil, in addition to the motors and capacitors that supply power to the components.

If the condenser develops problems, then it can severely damage or even stop the AC system’s ability to cool your home. Given how much we use our air conditioners here in Florida, there’s never a good time of the year for this to happen. While maintenance is one way to significantly reduce the risk of damage to your condenser unit, it’s not the only way. Keep reading to learn more.

Outside Debris

Since the condenser unit is located outside of your home, it’s prone to damage from debris: stones, gravel, leaves, and sticks. Even mulch, tree roots and pet hair can cause problems. Be sure that you always keep the area around the condenser as clear as possible in order to reduce the chance of this happening. Any object that gets inside the condenser cabinet may cause damage to the motors, fan blades, and the fan belt, which would disable the condenser.

Leaking Refrigerant

Some homeowners think that it’s okay or normal for refrigerant to leak. This is not the case, though. Upon installation, your AC system is supplied with enough refrigerant to last its entire lifecycle. However, sometimes damage or corrosion can cause the refrigerant line to spring a leak, which puts your entire air conditioner in danger.

Electrical Failure

The motors that operate the fan and the compressor inside your condenser unit are powered by electricity. If an electrical relay, capacitor, or wiring inside the motors malfunctions, then these crucial components can stop working and stop the cooling process. Our professional technicians can successfully diagnose any electrical problems that may be affecting your unit.

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