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How to Select Thermostats for Zone Control Systems in Palm Beach

Understanding how thermostats and zone control systems function is important to deciding which one will be right for your building.  Envirotech is an air conditioning and heating company in Palm Beach that understands how thermostats and zone control systems work together to provide the best amount of comfort no matter how many different climate control areas there are in a building.

Zone Control Systems

Multiple zone HVAC systems can provide different air temperatures to a number of different rooms throughout a building.  Each of these rooms, groups of rooms, or zones is generally controlled by its own thermostat which controls air flow through opening and closing dampers within associated air ducts.  There is then a central zone control which coordinates the thermostats, dampers and entire HVAC system.  This provides the most specified amount of air temperature control in rooms throughout a building, which means more energy-efficiency and usage of the HVAC only in rooms that are occupied.

Thermostats for Zone Control Systems

There are a number of different thermostat types such as the traditional round or rectangular manual wall thermostats, as well as programmable and digital room thermostats, and even remote control room thermostats.  However, the thermostats which are used in conjunction with zone control systems must be compatible to one another.  In most cases they must be digital and programmable.

There are even options available now which provide one programmable thermostat which has multi-zone settings as well as remote control access to change settings for various rooms.  These fully integrated top of the line thermostats provide the ultimate in comfort and ease of use.

It is important to hire a professional Palm Beach heating and air conditioning company such as Envirotech that understands thermostats and zone control systems and can get you on the right track in not only understanding them, but deciding which thermostat and multiple climate control system will work for your individual needs.  Contact Envirotech and have your new zone control system up and working in no time!

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