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How to Choose Your Next AC

An air conditioner unit outside a brick home in a residential neighborhood. The air conditioner is in a back yard in the hot summer season. Service industry, working class.Have you ever tried to get through a Florida summer without the use of an air conditioner? We are pretty sure that it isn’t something you want to attempt. The heat and humidity in this area can get mean so you need a good AC to keep things livable on the hottest of days.

If you are noticing that your current air conditioner isn’t working correctly and you aren’t sure if it will make it through the summer, it may mean that repairs aren’t in the cards at this point. You may have to schedule a replacement AC service in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

If you are on the hunt for a new AC system, we’d like to provide some added information that will help make the decision easier.

Step 1. Determine if you do need a replacement

If your air conditioner needs an upgrade, you’ll want to get to it quickly. Here’s how you can tell that you need a new AC:

  • Your current air conditioner isn’t cooling: An air conditioner that isn’t cooling anything despite regular maintenance and repairs is one that needs to be replaced.
  • You need repairs too frequently. Do you have an AC that needs repairs on a yearly basis? Or perhaps even more often? This is a system that needs to retire.
  • Repair bills have gotten too expensive. When your repairs start to cost too much, your money may be better spent on a system replacement. If the repair bill is equal to half or more of the cost of a new system, it is better to opt for a new AC.

Step 2. Learn more about your options

If you are in a position where you need a system upgrade, it helps to know your options for your next air conditioner.

  • Central air conditioner. These are the systems people are most familiar with. Using ductwork for air distribution, central ACs are known for being powerful and efficient systems used to provide even cooling throughout the house.
  • Heat pump mini split. Heat pumps use refrigerant to transfer heat and ducts to distribute air. They do this in a more efficient manner and take up less space than a central AC would. They can also provide warmth to the house in the winter, allowing them to serve the job of two systems at once.
  • Ductless mini split. No ducts in the house? You still have a great whole-home comfort system option with a ductless mini split unit. Using heat pump technology, these systems can deliver reliable comfort with easy zone control and even better efficiency.

Step 3. Talk to a technician about getting your AC replacement

When you are in need of a new air conditioner, your best option is to reach out to a professional team like ours. We’ve served South Florida for over 30 years and we know how to replace any air conditioner promptly and effectively.

Contact our team today to schedule your next AC replacement. Envirotech Air Quality Services employs manufacturer-trained technicians so we can always offer superior HVAC services every time.

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