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How Often Do You Really Need Air Conditioner Service?


Your air conditioner keeps you cool when you need it to and there’s never been any compromise. It’s simply the best. But as we know, all good things must come to an end.

It’s a little less reliable than it used to be, which begs the question: how often do you need air conditioning service in Royal Palm Beach, FL?

Let’s do a little more than answer that question–we’ll explain why annual maintenance is the go-to timeframe and what it means when you need service or repair more often than that.

Generally, Annual Maintenance Will Do

At every stage of your air conditioner’s life, it has to be maintained. A single maintenance schedule once per year should do the trick unless otherwise requested by your technician.

You expect your AC to work without needing to check in on it, which is completely reasonable. Even when problems from wear and tear do pop up, they’re usually not quite bad enough to cause a breakdown so those issues can usually be spotted during your annual service call.

Repairs Shouldn’t Wait When They Come Up

Even though you have a service call coming up, any repairs that you need shouldn’t wait until that time. If you know something is wrong and sticks out, a repair call is in order. Failing to call for repairs as soon as you notice problems could result in an eventual full system breakdown.

If these issues appear, call right away:

  • Refrigerant Leaks: When refrigerant leaks, your evaporator coil freezes up. You shouldn’t have to “top off” your refrigerant in a closed-loop HVAC system.
  • Poor Airflow: Sometimes caused by leaky ductwork, though most commonly caused by dirty air filters. The blower motor may also experience issues.
  • Thermostat Miscalibration: Your thermostat says it’s a certain temperature, but a separate reading shows it’s wrong. The thermostat needs to be recalibrated.
  • Short Cycling: Your AC turns on and off multiple times to cool your home down once. That’s not a good sign.
  • AC Not Draining: Drainage lines can get clogged and grow mold and mildew. If your AC isn’t draining, it can spell big problems for the entire unit.

These aren’t the only problems your air conditioner will run into, but they’re some of the most common. Be on the lookout for anything abnormal from your system.

Is Annual Maintenance Enough?

Even for older air conditioners, annual maintenance should suffice. If your air conditioner is ten years or older, or you need repairs in between every maintenance call, it could be on its way out.

Air conditioners are built to last and withstand wear and tear for around a full year before an inspection and tune-up are in order. When repairs become as frequent as maintenance appointments, that’s when it’s in trouble.

Call the Best and Expect Nothing Less

Now you know how often your air conditioner really needs service and what happens when it breaks down more often than that. It’s time to make sure you’re up-to-date on your service and that it doesn’t get put on the back burner anymore. It’s important–let’s make it happen.

Contact Envirotech Air Quality Services today to schedule your air conditioner service as soon as possible to keep it in top shape all year long.

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