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How Can You Save Money on Air Conditioning This Summer?

It’s no secret that summers in Florida can be unbearably hot. This is especially true if you don’t have a fully functioning air conditioner turned on almost nonstop. However as someone who lives here, you know how costly that can end up being. The good news is though, there are ways to use your AC as much as you need to and still save money.

Chances are high that your bills are higher than they need to be. Don’t waste your energy on running your AC haphazardly. Below we’ve shared a few methods to help you run your air conditioner more efficiently this season.

Upgrade Your Outdated Thermostat

Do you live in an older home with a manual thermostat? Or perhaps you have a digital thermostat, but with no programmability options. Either way, you’re missing out on important money-saving opportunities.

Today’s digital thermostats are very precise, which helps your comfort level and you energy efficiency. Most advanced programmable thermostats as well as “smart” thermostats give you complete control over your home’s temperatures, even when you are away.

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

If you are one of those homeowners who neglects their air filter, you are not alone. However, it’s surprisingly simple to replace or clean your filter, and benefits your system a lot. The air filter is designed to protect the inside components of your air conditioner. If it is clogged, it will restrict airflow and damage your system, disallowing it to run as effectively and efficiently as it can otherwise.

The Power of Preventive Maintenance

During your maintenance appointment, your HVAC professional will fully inspect and clean your system. At this time they’ll also make recommendations for repairs. These efforts will help ensure that your AC system is as updated as possible, and also running well to make the most of your money.

For more great air conditioning tips and quality AC services in West Palm Beach, FL, contact Envirotech Air Quality Services today.

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