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How a Dirty Filter Can Cause Repair Needs

man holding air filterWhen most people think about HVAC system repairs, they think about needing to adjust big things like a refrigerant leak or a broken fan blade. But what about your system air filter?

It might seem like a silly idea but getting your air filter changed can have a huge impact on your system’s operation and its lifespan too. In fact, building the habit of regularly changing your air filter can help you get better system performance and even reduce the chance of needing frequent air conditioning repair in West Palm Beach, FL.

Not sure if regular filter changes are worth it? Let’s look at what this habit can do to help prevent trouble in your system.

Why your filter is so important

Your air filter is meant to help protect the internal components of your AC unit, rather than helping your indoor air quality (though it certainly doesn’t hurt). This means that it helps prevent dirt and debris from entering your system to cause problems for its efficiency and its operation.

The impact of an overly dirty filter

Changing your air filter is a highly important and thankfully an easy task too. This is great news when you consider the impact that a dirty air filter can have on your HVAC system. This can include:

  • Reduced airflow: A hefty layer of dirt on your filter is going to slow down your system’s ability to pull in air. This translates to less air being cooled and less air entering your home. But it doesn’t lower your energy bills at all. If anything it raises them!
  • Increased dirt on your coils: The dirtier that your filter is, the more dirt will start to enter your system. That debris will start to collect on your evaporator coil which will slow down the cooling process.
  • Increased risk of additional repair needs: There will be additional issues that come from less airflow through your AC and an increased level of debris in the system. Firstly, you’ll be getting less cool air. Then you’ll start to have more trouble with your system which can include an overheating system, short cycling, and more.

Building great comfort habits

One of the easiest and most cost-effective habits you can build is to change your system filter regularly. We advise that you check your filter on a monthly basis if possible. This makes it easier to change your filter as soon as you notice it starts to get too dirty. Otherwise, make sure to change out the filter every three months at the least.

Your air conditioner works hard to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. Florida certainly gives it a challenge! Give your system a helping hand with regular filter changes and professional services to ensure it can do its job right!

Need help taking care of your air conditioner? This is exactly what we are here for! Contact Envirotech Air Quality Services for your AC services in the West Palm Beach area.

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