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Hosting a Holiday Party? Follow These AC Tips!

outdoor string lights hanging on a line in backyardThe AC system installed in your home is designed to handle the comfort needs of you and your family. True, some families are larger than others, but overall they’re meant to manage the comfort needs of your household members, and maybe a couple of guests.

So long as you have your air conditioner professionally installed, it will easily match the comfort requirements of your family so that it can perform efficiently and keep you comfortable while helping you save money on your energy costs.

Keep Everyone Comfortable, Even During a Party

However, with the holiday season officially here, there’s likely to be a time or two where you’ll have a large number of people in your house at once—as when you’re having a party. Now, obviously, you can’t just go purchase a more powerful central air conditioner for a holiday party. Instead, you’ll need to take a few steps to help your air conditioning system manage the increase in warm bodies and the larger amount of humidity that we are all too well aware of here. Taking the following steps will ensure everyone stays comfortable at your next holiday party.

Ensure Your Air Conditioner Doesn’t Need Repair

Living where we do, it’s essential that you know your air conditioner is in great shape, and won’t break down during the strain it will go through as it runs for hours to keep your house cool during a party.

Ensure that you have maintenance done if you didn’t already handle that, and call for Coral Springs, FL air conditioning repair whether you suspect a problem or if one of our professionals brought a repair need to your attention. If your cooling system has displayed any signs of a malfunction or strange behavior, it’s a good idea to give us a call.

Don’t Wait Until the Day of the Party to Run Your AC

If it’s been a cooler week, you’re likely tempted to leave your AC off to save money. But doing this, and waiting until the day or evening of your party, can make humidity unbearable. While an air conditioner cannot completely eliminate humidity problems (you need a whole-house dehumidifier for this), it can certainly help reduce the humidity levels a bit—at least enough to help your home be more comfortable for a large number of guests. Run your air conditioner for a few days before your event to remove as much humidity from your home as possible.

Turn the System On Early Before the Party

If you didn’t follow the above tip and haven’t been using your AC system, then we advise at least having it run a few hours before your first guests arrive. We recommend lowering the temperature 5°F below your normal comfort level. This may seem like it will make your home really cold. For a while, it will. But once your party guests start rolling in, you’ll be glad you did this, and probably surprised by how much your home’s temperature can rise with the addition of a few more bodies.

For more great tips and quality AC services, contact Envirotech Air Quality Services today!

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