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“Can I Tune Up My AC in the Fall?”

white question mark on blue backgroundSure you can! Yes, you’ve probably heard that the best time to tune up an air conditioner is in the spring, and the best time to tune up a heater is in the fall. But there are two caveats to this for West Palm Beach residents.

One, it’s always hot here. We get a tiny little bit of reprieve throughout the month of January, but usually not much beyond that. So saying that you can “only” get AC maintenance done during a certain point of the year is a moot point for us.

Two, it actually matters far less when you have your tune-up done than how often you have it done. For a standard air conditioner, this service should be completed once a year, if not more. So if that year mark for you is in the fall, so be it! Either way, you’ll benefit, in the following ways.

Our Techs Can Detect Repair Needs Sooner

The faster we catch a repair need for you, the easier it is to get the problem fixed. However, it can be hard, on your own, to determine whether your cooling system needs repair. With maintenance, you’ll know about the issue sooner, so you can schedule service right away rather than waiting for the system to just break down when you need it the most.

Major Repairs Can Be Prevented

By addressing smaller repair needs right away, you can prevent bigger, costlier, repair needs from occurring in the first place. Your AC maintenance appointment is designed to target areas of your AC system that tend to break down the most often.

Electrical connections are tightened, the system is thoroughly cleaned, and components are returned to near-factory condition (as good as new).

You Will Save Money

This should make your wallet smile. Maintenance enables you to save money on your monthly bills, since your equipment will run more smoothly—meaning, more efficiently. Minor wear and tear on your cooling system can be reversed (to an extent) with each tune-up, meaning your system won’t have to struggle and will use less energy to operate.

Your Air Conditioner Will Last Longer

Alright, no cooling system is going to last forever. But there’s no reason yours can’t last all the way until its expected lifespan, and potentially even months or years beyond that (though, we can’t make any promises with that one).

The fact of the matter is, maintenance helps your system run more effectively and efficiently. It prevents it from working too hard to perform its job, and therefore helps it last its entire service life. Cooling systems that receive no professional maintenance can have their lifespans decreased by much as a half of its intended lifecycle, leaving you to pay for a brand new system years before you might have needed one otherwise.

Ask our team about what our maintenance plan includes. Enrolling in a maintenance plan gives you a peace of mind, and your air conditioner a better life! To schedule your next cooling system maintenance appointment, contact Envirotech Air Quality Services today!

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