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Duct Leaks Can Ruin Your Home Cooling

overheated-woman-with-fan It’s hot out, you’re overheated, and at this point you’re frustrated. You probably have every right to be irked–after all, you try your best to keep your AC in good shape specifically so this doesn’t happen. So why is your air conditioning in Royal Palm Beach, FL not doing its job?

The truth is the issue may not lie with your AC unit itself but instead with another park of your overall HVAC system–your ductwork.

If you are having ductwork trouble your best course of action is to reach out for repairs. Our team is here to help.

The Problem With Leaking Ductwork

Let’s pause for a moment. Perhaps you know that your AC is in good condition so it is more than likely that the issue on your hands is within your ductwork. But what exactly can go wrong with the ducts in your home? And why is it such a big deal?

If you want optimal home comfort and an efficient air conditioning system, you need ductwork that is clean and well-sealed. You may have guessed at this point that ductwork with holes, leaks, or larger breaks in them is going to be a problem. You’d be correct.

Here’s the deal. When your ductwork develops air leaks, it is going to be a two-fold problem. The first issue that develops is, of course, that your clean, cool air is going to escape into your attic or crawl space before it arrives within any of the rooms in your home, which will harm your comfort. The other half of the problem is that, when cool air exits, hot, humid, dirty air is allowed into your ducts…and is delivered into the rooms of your home. This is the exact opposite of what you want.

Leaky ductwork is problematic and annoying. But it can’t be resolved with duct tape, despite the misnomer. If your ducts are leaking air, you need help from a trained technician like the ones of our team.

When to Reach Out For Duct Repair

How can you be sure that you need to repair your ductwork? Watch out for these indicators:

  • The air in your home is too warm or humid.
  • Your energy bills are on the rise.
  • Your air conditioner is having to run for longer amounts of time.
  • You can hear hissing noises in different parts of the home when you run the AC.
  • The airflow from one or more vents is weaker or warmer than others.
  • There are hot spots around the home.

As we mentioned previously, duct leaks aren’t something that you can resolve on your own. You need help from a trained technician. The experts at Envirotech Air Quality Services are available to help with your ductwork troubles or any other HVAC issues you may be battling.

We provide duct repairs to seal your system up and duct cleaning to address any debris that was allowed into your ductwork. We are also one of the very few HVAC companies in South Florida that are duct cleaners.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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