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Don’t Ignore Your Noisy Ductwork

woman covering her ears and looking shockedHomeowners often underestimate just how important the ductwork of their HVAC system is to their home comfort. It’s easy to take for granted that this ductwork will stay in good condition no matter what happens, since for the majority of the time they’re out of sight (and therefore, out of mind). It’s also easy to put off air conditioning repair in Boca Raton, FL until you absolutely need it, but this can be a big mistake.

But, your air ducts can sustain damage from corrosion and age, or even poor initial installation. Eventually, this will have a significant negative impact on how well your HVAC system is able to function, and will cause your cooling system to function inefficiently, becoming a waste of energy and a drain on your wallet. So, if your ductwork is making odd noises or showing any other symptoms of disrepair, it’s best that you not ignore them—these signs indicate that your ductwork needs professional attention, now.

What Constitutes as Noisy Ductwork?

As air flows through your ventilation system, you’ve likely heard the occasional popping noise when your cooling system or heater first comes on. This is a normal sound associated with the ducts expanding and contracting with the temperature fluctuations.

What you shouldn’t hear, however, is loud rattling or shaking noises that happen continuously when your comfort control systems are running. These are clear warning signs that your ductwork is loose or damaged in some way, and needs repair before it starts negatively affecting how the rest of your air conditioner functions.

These aren’t the only signs you should watch out for—or rather, listen for—though. If you notice either of the following warning signs, be sure to contact our team for professional duct repair or duct sealing.

  • Uneven Cooling: Damaged and leaking ductwork will create areas in your home that are the wrong temperature from what you want. If you notice abnormally warm rooms while the AC is running and there are no other explanations (such as, you’re cooking in the kitchen or you have a sunny window open) then there’s a very good chance you have a ductwork breach.
  • Unusually High Utility Bills: Any HVAC system trying to send conditioned air through leaking or breached ductwork will struggle to reach its intended temperature. This means your AC system will draw more energy than would have otherwise been necessary and as a result your cooling bills will spike far more than they should this time of year.

Back Away From the Duct Tape!

“Duct Tape” is not accurately named. We know, that’s frustrating, but it’s the truth. It may provide a very temporary solution to a small breach in your ductwork—a month or two at most. But the temperature fluctuations will cause it to wear down and you’ll be stuck with the same problem.

Not to mention, actually accessing ductwork on your own can be a challenge. Turn to our team of HVAC professionals. We have the tools and experience necessary to adequately seal your ductwork and repair it if needed.

Ductwork is our specialty! Envirotech Air Quality Services is one of the very few HVAC companies in south Florida who is also a licensed duct cleaner, and we provide exceptional duct sealing, repairs and replacement. Contact us today!

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