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Does My Ductless System Need to Be Replaced?

With the increasingly hot temperatures already upon us, it may be hard to believe that summer isn’t here yet. But the truth is, we haven’t reached the peak of the heat, and soon you will need your ductless air conditioner to work harder than it has all year.

If you have an aging system that’s required a lot of repairs in recent years, then it may be time to question whether it is going to last you this entire season. You should make sure it gets replaced now rather than running the risk of it dying on you in the middle of one of our hottest days. Keep reading to discover some of the most common signs that your ductless system is ready to be replaced.


Ductless systems are typically manufactured to last about 20 years. This is of course dependent on its usage and how well you take care of it. However, even the most well maintained system begins to naturally decline in performance after this time. Additionally, the advent of new technology makes replacing an old system a better option than continually repairing the old one.

Rising Utility Costs

The more a ductless system ages, the more worn out it gets. As the wear and tear on your air conditioner grows, it will begin to decline in efficiency and will have to operate longer in order to meet your home cooling demands.

Longer operating times result in higher operating costs. If your monthly bills are rising and you have not increased the usage of your ductless system anymore this year than you have in previous years, it could very well be because your ductless system needs replacing.

Frequent Repairs

As your ductless system reaches the end of its life, the wear and tear that accumulates on it will become so great that components will start to fail. It’s common to have to call for repairs once or twice a year—even if you invest in a maintenance plan. If you find your ductless system needs repairs every few months, it’s a sign you need a new one.

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