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Does Commercial AC Need More Attention Than a Residential System?

commercial rooftop units for air conditionerSummer seems to last forever here, as the warm temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately have proven. While homeowners in other parts of the country are starting to turn off their air conditioners in favor of their heaters, ours are still chugging along. Even though you’re still using your cooling system, as temperatures even out a bit, it is the perfect time to have your system maintained and checked for any Coral Springs, FL air conditioning repair needs—especially if we’re talking about your commercial AC system.

The good news is, our team is highly experienced with the commercial HVAC needs in our area, and we can handle any problems that your commercial space may have. It’s important to utilize an HVAC company that has specific experience handling these large unique AC systems, since they are much different than a simple residential system.

Commercial Systems Have Greater Needs

It goes without saying that commercial air conditioners are often tasked with cooling a much larger space than residential systems. But that’s certainly not the only way they are different from each other. For instance, as we all know, hot air rises. This means that the upper stories of a commercial space, such as office buildings, will be much warmer than the lower stories without the right type of zoning. Most residences aren’t any higher than three stories, so the cooling specifics are much more complex in a commercial setting.

Additionally, many commercial properties house multiple tenants, each of whom may require very different cooling needs. And many businesses need air conditioners for more than just keeping people comfortable—they may be required to keep items like computers cool so that they don’t overheat. Or, you may have products you store that must stay at a cooler temperature.

What You Should Look for in a Commercial HVAC Company

A good commercial HVAC company is one that understands the specifics of your HVAC systems. This allows the technicians to identify any potential problems quickly, and conduct repairs the right way. But there’s more to look for than just that, such as:

Speed: In many cases, a commercial HVAC technician will need to move really quickly. For the most part, the occupants of a residential building can hang tight for a few hours or even for a day or two while an air conditioning problem gets fixed. In a commercial setting, however, a day or two of no AC could mean a business interruption or loss of customers. It could also impact the comfort, and therefore the efficiency, of your employees by forcing them to work in unpleasant conditions.

Flexibility: A good commercial HVAC company will offer their services outside of the normal business hours—because we all know that an emergency never happens at a “convenient” time. And also, having a commercial AC technician moving through your space can be very disruptive. Our company provides emergency services, so that we can work after hours and get the problem dealt with before your team gets back to work or your commercial space opens for the day.

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