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Choosing Your AC: Is Bigger Better?

Living in our area necessitates that you enjoy a great performance from your home cooling system. That is why it is so important that you take the time to choose your air conditioner carefully, whether having one installed for the very first time, or replacing an older system with a newer model. One of the worst ideas that you can get into your head is that, in terms of AC size, bigger is always better. In truth, an oversized AC can be just as problematic as one that is too small for your home. We’ll detail the reasons for this below. If you are in need of any air conditioning services in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, be sure to contact the pros at Envirotech Air Quality Services.

  • Efficiency – One of the biggest concerns when choosing your new air conditioner should be the level of efficiency with which your system operates. We rely upon our air conditioners way too much around here to be paying too much to use them due to poor efficiency. However, it is possible for a very efficient AC with a great efficiency rating to still operate inefficiently. If your system is too small, it is going to run too much in an effort to cool your home, burning through energy. Too big, though, and it will actually cycle on and off too frequently, which is a very inefficient way in which to use energy.
  • Performance – If your AC is too small for your home, you’d expect it to fail to cool your living space effectively. However, the performance of an oversized AC is no better. Yes, an oversized air conditioner will be capable of effectively cooling your home. However, it will do so too quickly. While that may not sound like much of a problem, keep in mind the fact that this rapid cooling will result in subpar dehumidification, which can leave your air cold and clammy.
  • Reliability – When your air conditioner is too big for your home, and is shorty cycling frequently, it will incur an unnecessary amount of wear and tear. This increases the risk of operational problems with your system, which in turn makes repair needs more likely. You don’t want to be without your AC any more than is absolutely necessary, so ensure that yours is sized by trained professionals.

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