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Boynton Beach Air Conditioning Question: Why Is My AC Buzzing?

Some Boynton Beach air conditioning systems make quite a bit of noise. During standard operation alone, they can make several different sounds – from rattling and clacking to the constant hum of the motor. However, the sound should be consistent and should not be overwhelming. A buzzing sound is almost certainly a sign of a problem, but how serious is that problem and should you act on it immediately or wait a bit to see if it goes away? There are three possible reasons for a buzzing sound from your air conditioner – here is what each means:

  1. Faulty Disconnect – If the compressor tries to start and cannot, it will make a buzzing sound. This is usually due to a faulty disconnect or bad fuse. A bad fuse can be replaced quickly by the homeowner, but a bad disconnect should be inspected and checked by a Boynton Beach AC professional. Because this involves working with  heavy electrical equipment, special tools and expertise are needed to complete the work safely.
  2. Missing Isolation Feet – Your air conditioner has rubber feet inside that hold up the compressor to minimize vibrations and keep the system stable. If the system is older, those feet can harden and crack, or they could have been faulty to start with. If this happens, it can result in a buzzing sound as the compressor vibrates against the concrete below.
  3. Loose Parts – Loose parts due to bad washers, loose bolts or other mechanical issues can also cause a buzzing sound. This is often very easily fixed though you will likely need a professional to fully diagnose the problem before repairs can be made.

There are other issues that can result in a buzzing or similar type of sound. They include things like a failing contactor or failing hard start capacitor. Most such problems are electrical in nature, however, and therefore require a professional to repair. If this is the case, call Envirotech Air Quality Services right away to inspect and check your system to find and eliminate the cause of the buzzing.

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