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Beware These Common Ductless Problems

A ductless air conditioning system is among the most energy efficient home comfort appliances you can get on the market today. This system decentralizes your air conditioner by allowing for multiple units to be spaced throughout your home, and allowing you to customize your air conditioning with zoning. This means you can cool only the parts of your home that you need to, and save a lot of money as a result.

Ductless systems are not immune to problems however, and as such you’ll want to ensure that you have a reliable repair service on hand. The good news is that if you have a problem with one of your indoor air handlers, you can likely still use your other ones while that one gets fixed. We’ve shared below some common ductless problems you’ll want to watch out for.

Odd Noises

If you hear strange or abnormally loud sounds coming from your ductless system, then chances are something is wrong.

Reduced Performance

Is your ductless cooling system not blowing air as forcefully as it should? Or perhaps the air isn’t as cool as it should be. These both signal trouble for your system.

Higher Monthly Bills

When your ductless system doesn’t work as it should, it will use more energy. This will equate to higher utility bills. Be aware of how much you are using your air conditioner compared to last year and also compared to your neighbors. Your bills shouldn’t reflect a significant difference if your AC use is comparable.


If you notice puddling water or similar leaks around your system, this is a sign of a problem that needs immediate correction.

Obstructed Vents

Be sure to check the outside of your units from time to time. Ensure that the vents aren’t blocked by any debris, furniture, dust buildup, etc.

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